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About us

Who we are and what we do. Digitization of documents and processes is our focus.

We set new standards and formulate new ideas.

“E.volution instead of revolution”

E.volution has over 25 years of experience in servicing and implementing DMS / ECM projects. Experience and knowledge acquired as part of many years of cooperation with renowned companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are now also available on the Polish market. As a newly established Polish company, we direct our offer to Polish enterprises. We offer support in the digitization of files and processes. Data processing, process automation or fast and uncomplicated access to documents are just some of the possibilities that can improve the functioning of any enterprise and significantly reduce the costs borne by them.

Process optimization does not always mean “revolution.” Often, one sensible supplement or just a transparent process is enough. Clear assignment of competences … Our motto The motto is to create a foundation of trust between clients, partners, management and all employees. It contains the values and principles of running a business typical of e.volution, which we follow in our activities.


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